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Jubilee USA Network

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212 East Capitol Street NE Washington , DC  20003 Phone 202-783-3566


Millions are trapped in extreme poverty worldwide. Through financial reforms and debt cancellation, we build an international economy that serves and protects the most vulnerable.

Real Life

Debt Relief Saves Lives in Zambia

"Peter Chibize wiped the dust off a bench with a handkerchief and waited, agonizing over how he would convince the doctor to give him free treatment for his chest pains, headache, and bad cough. He had delayed his visit to the Nagongwe clinic in Southern Zambia because he could not pay medial fees until excruciating pain finally forced him to make the 12 mile walk from his village.

'Next,' a nurse shouted from the consolation room and the 67-year old nervously rose. Soon he was beaming when he was told that he did not have to pay for his treatment. Zambia scrapped health fees on Saturday, one of the first benefits to flow from debt relief granted to African countries by the G8 group of wealthy nations.

'It was like a dream to me,' Chibize said. "Not to pay anything when you visit a clinic is amazing.'"

Like Peter, millions of citizens in the world's poorest countries have benefited from debt relief. Money saved from debt relief has gone to build schools, fight HIV/AIDS, and hire doctors and teachers. Jubilee USA Network has successfully advocated for more than $90 billion in debt cancellation.

Yet it is still not enough - poor countries pay more than $100 million a day in debt repayments - money that is desperately needed for basic social services. Your support can help Jubilee USA work for better policies so we can end poverty and injustice once and for all.