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Plant With Purpose

(aka) Floresta USA Inc

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4747 Morena Boulevard, Suite 100 San Diego , CA  92117 Phone 858-274-3718


Barren hillsides, poor soil, dry wells - help rural farmers reverse these effects of deforestation so they can grow enough food to feed their families.

Real Life

The province of Oaxaca, Mexico is one of the most deforested places on earth. The barren hillsides are home to people trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty. Communities make a meager living by selling charcoal to city dwellers to use as fuel wood for cooking. Desperate to feed their families, the farmers cut down more and more trees on the dry hillsides for charcoal, destroying the land and further entrenching themselves in poverty and environmental degradation.

Over the years, Plant With Purpose has seen outcroppings of GodŐs love, particularly in the community of El Porvenir, which means "The Future", as the villagers transformed their lives by planting trees, creating fishponds, and constructing cisterns to catch precious rainwater. Oaxacan women play a key role in the revival of their community by creating pine needle baskets and many other craft items, which the women sell in their local markets.

There is a difference in the attitude of the people, as evidenced by a sign at the entrance of the village that reads: Welcome to El Porvenir, Where There Are Opportunities. One farmer said, "With the help of our friends to the North, we now have hope. We are on our feet and producing things ourselves.