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Rainforest Trust

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P. O. Box 841 Warrenton, VA  20188 Phone 800-456-4930

Protect Endangered Wildlife!

You can make a difference in protecting our planet! Become a Conservation Hero and save 120 acres of crucial habitat for endangered species per year for only $10 a month.

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Stop Deforestation - Protect Rainforests. We've protected over 23 million acres since 1988. On average, we purchase and permanently protect an acre of habitat for just $2. Save Species, Care for Communities, Protect the Planet.

Success Story

Rainforest Trust helps to purchase and protect threatened tropical forest habitat for endangered wildlife across the planet. In partnership with local organizations and indigenous communities to negotiate, acquire and manage private lands as nature reserves, we have protected over 23 million acres in more than 100 project sites across 20+ countries since 1988.

Among our recent achievements is the designation of Lawit-Cenana State Park, 25,664 acres of pristine Malaysian Tiger habitat previously allocated for logging. The Terrenganu state government announced its decision to secure the land for wildlife preservation in collaboration with Rainforest Trust's local nonprofit organizations Rimba, Panthera and Woodland Park Zoo. As part of a much larger conservation project, Lawit-Cenana State Park represents the first step in protecting nearly 250,000 acres of critical habitat.

Major progress has been made in the expansion of our Onepone Endangered Research Refuge in Ghana! This 847 acre habitat is home to some of the world's most vulnerable amphibians, birds and mammals such as the Togo Slippery Frog and White-bellied Pangolins. This project will include the hiring and training of new rangers from local communities to protect the park borders and the installation of 2 solar-powered underground wells which will improve the community water supply.

Rainforest Trust is proud to consistently maintain low administrative overhead. As one of the most efficient conservation nonprofits in America, we consistently receive Charity Navigator's top 4-star rating. As such, 100% of project gifts are spent on conservation action.