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World Animal Awareness Society

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2531 Jackson Ave., Suite 246 Ann Arbor , MI  48103 Phone 818-561-5109
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Humane animal services focusing on: producing educational programs for schools, data acquisition including canine surveys for postal, military, government and NGO partners, and filming TV documentaries about animal rescue and welfare.

Real Life

On Sunday September 4, 2005 I found myself beginning a new life's mission as I left Michigan for New Orleans and I began to document much of the animal rescue efforts immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

What I discovered? An entire world I had no idea existed and one most people never pay attention to: the world of animal rescue. I found people risking everything, sometimes their lives, to rescue these animals, other peoples pets.

This journey set me on a path to discover/uncover the many ways the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films can assist people.

From rescuing people's pets after disaster, like Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

To creating interventions from the American Strays 2030 Project data for the US Post Office to help humanely address stray dogs in large urban spaces.

To helping service men and women reconnect with a dog or other pet they developed a relationship with where they were deployed - anywhere around the world.

To helping keep track of quality animal welfare and rescue organizations and developing partnerships to deploy humane programs, including the "Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plans" developed for elementary school children.

The lessons we learned in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina will be providing us guidance for decades to come.

Tom McPhee
Founder, Executive Director & American Strays 2030 Project Lead
World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films