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Organization Information CFC Code: 91999

Hospice Foundation for End-of-Life Care

(aka) Foundation for End-of-Life Care Inc

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3440 Hollywood Blvd Suite 415 Hollywood , FL  33021 Phone 877-800-2951
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The Foundation funds monthly living expenses crucial to the peace of mind of hospice patients and families; these are needs not covered under the Medicare Benefit.

Real Life

Making life easier by assisting hospice patients and their families by funding extraordinary expenses that lie outside of the realm of hospice care but are nevertheless critically important for their comfort and peace of mind.

We want to share with you a couple examples of the relief that your thoughtful and generous contributions give to less fortunate families at a time when grief and financial strain are especially difficult.

We answered many requests to fund patient needs in 2017. We wrapped up the year with a request from a hospice patient who knew her last Christmas season was upon her. She wanted only to go home and spend it with her family. Through the generosity of our donors, we were able to make that grant possible for her and her family. And we began 2018 with a request from a patient who telephoned us directly to see if we could help her pay her monthly bills. Here she is not only navigating the challenges of a terminal illness, but now worrying about how her bills were going to get paid so her utilities were not disconnected. She is a woman in her mid-50's and at one time very much able to take care of herself, financially and physically, but now unable to work because of her illness her income is very limited and does not sufficiently cover her monthly financial obligations. We immediately reached out to her hospice program and coordinated with her social worker to help pay her bills this month. The patient telephoned us personally to express her gratitude to our donors.