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CFC Code: 11400

End Violence Against Women International

(aka) End Violence Against Women - EVAW International

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115 W Astor Ave Suite 208 Colville, WA  99114 Phone 509-684-9800

Every response matters. YOUR response matters.

Everyday we hear stories of women who were raped, yet their assailants are never held accountable. We are working to transform this reality. Our goal is to protect victims, prevent future attacks, and keep communities safe.

Help create a system for victims not only to heal, but to thrive. 

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After sexual assault, rape or domestic violence, most victims do not report. Many tell no one. Who will believe them? Who will help? We train professionals and loved ones to take action. Together, we can help survivors pursue justice and healing.

Success Story

Carrie kept her assault secret for years, afraid she wouldn’t be believed, or blamed if she told anyone what happened. After all, it was her boyfriend who assaulted her. She finally told a friend, who responded with empathy, free of judgment or doubt. Carrie is now healing from the assault, seeking counseling, and reporting what he did to the police. At EVAWI we want to make sure others receive the same opportunity for justice and healing, able to live a life defined by joy rather than pain.

For nearly two decades, EVAWI has provided professionals, family members, and friends with the tools they need to respond the right way, offering survivors compassion and support. Right now, it’s harder than ever. Many survivors are trapped in with their abusers. Others are silenced and paralyzed with fear, not knowing how to pursue their own safety and recovery, or hold offenders accountable.

With the ongoing support of donors and friends like you, we are redoubling our efforts to ensure that survivors have access to services, that they are treated with care, and perpetrators are held to account.

When we all come together, we have the power to save and rebuild lives – to create a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for investing in the lives of those who need a better response today.

Seeking justice together, one response at a time. Every response matters. Your response matters.